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Mulloon Creek Natural Farms

The farm, and its relationship to The Mulloon Institute

The Mulloon Institute and Mulloon Creek Natural Farms have a very tight relationship. The farm acts as a campus for MI, whilst also being a living laboratory for the research that is undertaken at MI. In return, MI develops knowledge through its research and education programs that is then used by the farm managers to improve the farming methods being applied, showing that they can be proven to work at a farm scale.

Mulloon Creek Natural Farms (MCNF) consists of two farms in close proximity to each other on the Mulloon Creek, Bungendore, east of Canberra, approximately 280km south of Sydney. The total holding is 2330 hectares (5750 acres), with one property, “The Home Farm” covering 1740 hectares (4300 acres) and the other, “Duralla”, covering 590 hectares (1450 acres).

The Home Farm occupies all of a small valley adjacent to and straddling the Great Dividing Range and Duralla is in more open country. On “The Home Farm” there is approximately 730 hectares (1800 acres) of native forest.

Both properties are organic using the biodynamic system of agriculture and, with "A" grade certification, MCNF is a member of Australian Organic. Our purpose is to be a diverse, sustainable working role model of excellence for profitable biodynamic production and landscape restoration together with outstanding research and education programmes.

Current enterprises are pasture raised and finished beef and sheep, free range pasture raised pork and poultry that graze all day out on pasture from sheds that are regularly moved, ensuring wholesome eggs.

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Note: the above film was created by EcoFilms in 2009, since then we have adjusted our supplementary feed to pellets instead of a choice of grains and other feed.  Our flock sizes range up to 2,500 hens, however, we still maintain our high standards of 150 birds per hectare of free-range paddock.

Niall Blair Visits Mulloon

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